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Studio Monitor

  • Smooth frequency response for great audio reference
  • 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 4-inch diaphragm woofers deliver pure sound
  • MDF wooden cabinets minimize acoustic resonance
  • Simple connection to mixers, audio interfaces, computers or media players
  • Front-mounted headphone output and AUX input for convenience
  • Multi-functional knob for power, volume and sound effects toggle
  • Monitor and music modes to fit various scenarios

For the True Music

Based on the accurate analysis of the characteristics of the unit by the German KLIPPEL system, a flatter curve necessary for a monitor is acquired after dozens of professional tunings by Edifier Acoustic Lab.

For More Low-Frequency Details

With a 4-inch woofer and the support of Class-D amplifier, the frequency can be lowered to 60Hz, fully realizing the remarkable performance of the low frequency.

Working with Professional Equipments

With 6.35mm TRS balanced input jacks, MR4 Studio Monitor can connect to console, mixer and other professional equipment with the input sensibility of +4dBu to build a small music production system.

Digital Signal Processor

The MR4 adopts TI high quality ADC (analog-to-digital converter) chipset, SNR up to 99dB, with TI digital power amplifier TAS5713, and the use of its built-in DSP to complete sound adjustment, to ensure excellent performance under dual mode.

Less Resonance

The MR4 adopts MDF wooden structure to reduce resonance and rendering effects to restore the original tone.

Fine and Natural

A 1-inch silk diaphragm unit with special coating ensures smooth and natural treble, and the specially designed integrated front panel combined with the cone brings clearer diffusion of the high frequency.

Upgraded Professional Quality

Moderate MICA added to the traditional PP cone keeps the hearing of softness and relaxation with more natural details and strengthens the rigidness and hardness of the cone to enhance the low frequency and to extend the depth of bass.

Pure Output

Different from other entry-level monitoring speakers, MR4 adopts inductive and capacitive second-order frequency divider, so that both the woofer and tweeter can acquire better signal input and reproduce the purity of the sound.

Dual Mode Sound Effect

With the special dual-mode sound effect, the user can choose monitor mode to listen to a true audio you are creating for music production, or to switch to music mode for a daily music listening experience.

Easy to Operate and Control

Rotate the multi-function knob at the front to adjust the volume, while power on/off by long-pressing it and double-click to switch between the sound modes.

No Limitation for Connection

In addition to balanced TRS input, MR4 also has two unbalanced RCA/AUX inputs and a front headphone output, which provide convenient connection to different devices simultaneously and switch to monitoring mode output to headphones.

What's in the Package

An Audio Cable

A Cable Connecting Main and Subsidiary Speakers

A 3. 5mm-RCA Cable


Power output (RMS)
  • 21W+21W
Frequency response
  • 60Hz-20kHz
Audio inputs
  • TRS balanced input,
    RCA unbalanced input,
    AUX unbalanced input
Input sensitivity
  • TRS balanced input: +4dBu
    RCA/AUX unbalanced input:-10dBV
Signal-noise ratio
  • ≥85dB(A)
  • ≤0.2%